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Marchant was founded with the sole mission of providing institutions, family offices, and qualified individuals with an alternative investment platform that caters to their financial goals.


Covering the private markets, our platform integrates both proven strategies for sustainable results with innovative, proprietary methods for differentiated returns.

Through our approach and strategies, our investors gain exposure to alternative assets that may not be correlated to the public markets, helping build robustness in their portfolios.


Since our inception, Marchant has maintained an unwavering commitment towards  long-term excellence, conducting our investment operations with integrity, transparency, and professionalism.


Inefficient private markets offer attractive risk-adjusted returns through the successful implementation of our investment strategies. Due to structural flexibility we believe these markets to be less prone to systematic risks (market beta, β). Further, privately held assets are less correlative to market fluctuations than listed securities.

We believe that investing in privately held assets promotes greater safety of principal and better control of realized outcomes compared to the public markets. Our investments in these markets are structured to preserve and grow our investors' capital.

Each investment we originate encompasses our mandate, that investors should earn superior risk-adjusted returns relative to market benchmarks net of fees, while being compensated for a lack of short-term liquidity.



Marchant's investment platform spans the private markets with an asset mix of private equity and real estate across North America and Europe. Our diverse coverage enables deal selectivity. Only after a disciplined due diligence process will we move forward with a transaction. 

Sector Coverage:​

  • Industrials

  • Metals & Mining

  • Infrastructure

  • Real Estate

  • Financial Services


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