Matthew H. Goldberg

 Founder & Chief Investment Officer

Matthew H. Goldberg is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Marchant LP. Mr. Goldberg has been involved in all areas of Marchant's development since its inception. He principally oversees every major investment decision the firm makes and heads its investment committee.


In 2017, Mr. Goldberg founded Marchant in order to apply his investment methodologies to private market assets on behalf of outside investors. Since then, Mr. Goldberg has originated and managed private equity, credit, and real estate investments in a variety of sectors and geographies as Marchant's Chief Investment Officer.


Mr. Goldberg has been published in the Financial Times (08/24/18) for his commentary on liquidity risk, discussing a metric he created, called the Implied Liquidity Premium. He argued that since liquidity is an intrinsic characteristic of any investment, it must be valued in order to effectively compare performance across asset classes.

This type of thinking serves as a foundation to Marchant's investment process. Mr. Goldberg has exhibited his ability to navigate the private markets and execute deals that are proprietary and atypical, utilizing structures that provide for better risk-adjusted performance.


Mr. Goldberg holds a B.A. from the University of Miami in Economics and Business Administration, where he was active in capital markets and economic research.

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