Kirk E. Williamson

 Private Equity

Director of Portfolio Operations

Kirk Williamson's business experience includes industrial, energy, real estate, and manufacturing. Mr. Williamson served as a valued member of Marchant's Board of Advisers since inception, and has since joined Marchant full-time as Director of Portfolio Operations. He is a consummate professional, entrepreneur, and innovator. The essence of his work is now in automation, robotics, and how they can drastically bolster productivity across Marchant's portfolio of industrial manufacturing firms.

Throughout his career, Mr. Williamson has tackled big problems facing capital intensive industries. In 1984 he invented a drill bit that is still the standard for oil & gas drilling to this day. The advent of his "Ugly Bit", which is on exhibit at the Epcot Center in Florida, made natural resource extraction more efficient and less cost prohibitive.


Mr. Williamson has founded six different companies that each grew to several million in annual sales. He has also been granted five U.S. and foreign patents, with a sixth filed. Achieving success in one business is noteworthy enough, but achieving success in several businesses spanning a variety of industries is a testament to Mr. Williamson's focus and ability to spot trends before they materialize in the marketplace.

As Director of Portfolio Operations, Mr. Williamson continues to push the envelope with the integration of new technologies into legacy, outdated manufacturing processes. Through his oversight of portfolio companies, operations can be more readily scaled, while also converting certain fixed into variable costs.

Mr. Williamson continues to be at the forefront of innovation in manufacturing and heavy industry. Marchant considers itself fortunate to have Mr. Williamson as a Director given his wide breadth of knowledge and experience.


Tel: 212-713-1680 x 3

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