Our Investors' Interests Always Come First.

Who We Serve

We proudly work with institutions, family offices, and qualified individual investors to deliver a comprehensive and tailored investment platform, offering a variety of vehicles focused on alternative assets and inefficient markets.


Our goal is to achieve capital appreciation and differentiated returns for investors through our operations while emphasizing protection against loss and preserving investment principal.

Marchant investment vehicles range from multi-strategy, giving the investor access across our private market strategies, to strategy-specific vehicles depending on the investor type, liquidity preference, and investment horizon.


Based on the investor's goals, we seek to establish an optimal allocation into any combination of our specified or multistrat vehicles. Marchant LP offers separate account solutions for investors above an allocation threshold that want to establish a privately managed account in the style of any of our commingled vehicles.

Our Priority

Marchant maintains a priority of transparency and integrity. Putting our clients' interests first is not only applicable to their bottom line. We believe that our investors' peace of mind is vital to their satisfaction with us as a financial custodian.


We furnish all of our investors with customized Marchant capital accounts that update on a quarterly basis and contain valuable insights.


It is our aim to not only provide for superior returns, but also to equip our sophisticated investor base with a granular understanding of how this performance is being achieved. 

Our Commitment

Our overarching investment theme is "Preservation Plus", whereby we are committed to preserving our investors' principal, and that superior returns can be built upon the foundation of sensible, long-term capital.


While some of our strategies are opportunistic and seek higher returns, we  never engage in a deal that poses a total threat to the preservation of our clients' capital.


In every transaction our interests are aligned with our investors, putting our own capital and reputation on the line.

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